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Creator Highlights: May 2-8

We're kicking off with a new mini-series aimed to not only appreciate our partnered rockstars, but also help you catch up with the streams and videos you might have missed!

Each week we'll showcase three creators talking about Mana 😊 Let's go!


With a powerful presence on Tiktok and Twitch, Tails is a variety streamer that'll have you laughing your behind off in no time 🦊

Catch up on her Mana stream here:


You probably know her best from OfflineTV, a project involving other major industry names like PokiMane and LilyPichu. Yvonnie rocks LoL, Valorant & tons of other games 🌸

Catch up on her Mana stream here:


He's been streaming WoW for... a long, long time. Recently, there's also Nintendo Switch Sports and Warhammer-related stuff to enjoy, and let's not forget the iconic toon flairs! ✌

Catch up on his Mana stream here:

Happy binging!


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