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Creator Highlights: May 23-29

You know what time it is? 🥁🥁 Another creator spotlight! Expand your streaming horizons with these three incredible talents partnered with Mana!


Jake, a.k.a. Sir Tag is a professional Clash Royale player. He’s been deep into the game since the release and learned a thing or two; thanks to the tutorials and strategy videos on Tag’s YouTube channel, you can now go pro as well!


Maya Higa does it all. Not only is she a popular Twitch streamer, she’s also a wildlife rehabilitator specializing in birds of prey. This angel of a woman also founded Alveus, a non-profit wildlife sanctuary. Maya has a passion for conservation and you can catch her talking about it and other topics on her Twitch channel.

Daily Driven Exotics

Are you into cars? Like, fast, cool, super-duper, is-this-NFS cars? If so, you NEED to check out Daily Driven Exotics YouTube channel for their videos of customizing and restoring various machines, racing, and surprisingly frequent encounters with police 🤭 Watch the founder Damon Fryer and a bunch of his friends get into some seriously crazy cool shenanigans!

That's it for now, but we'll be back with more famous faces next week!


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