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Creator Highlights: May 30-June 5

It’s time! Lights on, curtains up! Once again we are shouting out three incredible creators that are partnering with Mana 🤜🤛


MTashed has a gaming channel on YT with a booming 923k subscribers, mainly posting tips, guides, and fun commentary for Genshin Impact. You can also catch him streaming gameplay for a variety of games on Twitch, where he has 380k followers. So what are you waiting for? Check him out!


Cringer is a dad, a gamer, and an owner of the most AMAZING beard. A variety streamer, he’s recently been covering Captain of Industry; swing by to say hi on his Twitch channel! Cringer also is very involved with charitable work on and offline 👏 Check out his website to learn more or find out where you can catch his gameplay.

Rob “BigRobEnergy” Tramonte

Rob is a one-man empire: a gaming content creator, entrepreneur, and Post Malone stan. If you love games like Halo Infinite and Warzone, you need to check him out. If you love cool cars and sports, you need to check him out. If you love funny people with amazing energy, you NEED to check him out. Rob’s website has links to all of the platforms where you can find him!


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