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Creator Highlights: May 9-15

We're back with three more amazing creators partnered with Mana! Big names, big numbers, big Mana energy ⚡ Catch up or find a new streamer to watch!


A musical pro surrounded by an aura of cats, Natsumiii streams mainly on Twitch and uploads her songs to YouTube (have you heard Last Cup of Coffee with Valkyrae and LilyPichu? 🥺). Wendy -- that's Natsumiii's real name -- plays Valorant, Among Us, and Don't Starve Together as of recently.

Catch up on her Mana stream here.

TJ Hunt

TJ is the ultimate lord of cars and the owner of Hunt & Co, a clothing/merch company. With his unique take on car reviews, testing, customization, and more, TJ quickly amassed over 2 million followers on YouTube and became one of the top automotive influencers.

Catch up on his Mana stream here.


If you're interested in Epic Games' Fortnite to any degree, there's a big chance you've seen Milo. A YouTuber and a member of SoaR esports & lifestyle team, Milo boasts over 1 million subscribers thanks to the funny Fortnite videos he posts.

Catch up on his Mana stream here.

That's it for today! We'll be back next week with another influencer trio for you to meet! #Natsumiii #Fortnite #Tjhunt


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