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Creator Highlights: Oct 18

It's been a minute, but we’re back with another installment of the creator spotlight series! We have two new faces and three returning favorites to shout out today ✌


Jerome (A.K.A JeromeACE or JeromeASF) first gained popularity by uploading his Minecraft gameplay on YouTube, but these days he plays a wide variety of games – from GTA to Uno, this man does it all! He can bring a comedic twist to his gameplay, so if you need a good laugh he’s your go-to guy. Check out his channel here!


Like Apex Legends? If so, you need to check out our friend Miles (AKA Jmeyles)! He’s been playing since the game launched and can boast competitive-level skills. Check out his YouTube channel and TikTok!


Shout out to the returning Mana partners: Milo, Daily Driven Exotics, and BigRobEnergy!

Milo has a super popular Fortnite YT channel with 1 million subs. Check him out here!

If you have a need for speed, join 3 million people and check out DDE on YouTube to see the crew drive the most incredible cars.

BigRobEnergy is a TikTok titan with over 470K followers! Check him out for very relatable and hilarious gaming toks – as well as that seriously wholesome energy.


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